Original air date: 05/21/1989

Filming took place April 3 1989 through April 27, 1989.

Production code: 63924

Production order: 111

This is the conclusion and final episode of what I would argue was the most influential television show in history. There are some contenders but for me this is it. When I started investigating the locations where this series was filmed I knew it was a large endeavor. I am amazed at how much I have learned, how many great fans I have met online and in person and how much this has influenced my life overall. Thank you Miami Vice for all you have done for me and all fans. I am not finished when I complete this episode. I plan on updating the entire site adding information and now that I am returning to South Florida, I will return to the locations and document their current status with pictures. Cheers.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The episode starts out with footage of rioting. This was reportedly filmed in El Salvador and is footage from the movie, Latino (1985).

Then we see a general in Costa Morada be interviewed about the unrest. This was filmed on location, not in Costa Morada but in Miami at the Deering Estate. Inside the main room of the first floor of the Stone House. 16701 SW 72nd Avenue. We have seen this room used previously in Bushido, and Cuba Libre. We have seen other locations on the Deering Estate used In The Afternoon Plane, and Leap Of Faith.

As seen in Bushido                                      Cuba Libre

Then we see the head of the cartel, Montoya arrive in the woods where his men have one of General Borbon’s men tied to a tree. I believe this was filmed on the grounds of the Matheson Hammock County Park. In the western section that lies west of Old Cutler Road. I will have to return there to further investigate so that I can confirm this.

Then we see more stock news footage of unrest.

Then we return to the General’s Estate. Filmed on location in the Stone House at the Deering Estate.

Then we see a nice aerial shot of Miami looking north from the area of Brickell Bay Drive.

Then a nice aerial looking south from above the 5500 block of Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.

Then we cut to C+T sitting in the car watching the rear of a building in an alley. This part of the scene is reminiscent of the teaser in season one’s, One Eyed Jack. They are parked off Collins Court, at the rear of 217 6th Street. There is now a small, single car sized garage where they were parked. The front of their car was about where the Volkswagen is in my picture.

They see their man, Ramon exit a building a few units up on the opposite side of the alley. Ramon exits the rear of 624 Collins Avenue. This is now, at the time of publishing this, a Club Monaco store.

He heads north on Collins Court away from 624 Collins Ave. The three buildings seen behind him to the north of 624 have all been removed and replaced by a parking garage.

C+T take off after him.

We see them headed northbound on Collins Court passing the rear of 657 Washington Avenue.

Then it cuts back to a ground level view and they are headed northbound on Collins Court from the rear of 739 Washington Avenue to 8th Street.

It cuts and while they are still northbound on Collins Court, but they are back in the 600 block behind 657 Washington Avenue traveling over the same stretch we just saw them on where the camera was elevated above the roofs, shooting down. Now the camera is at street level.

Then northbound on Collins Court behind 701 Washington Avenue. At one point the unique building on the west side of Washington Avenue in the 700 block can be seen helping to identify this location.

Continuing northbound on Collins Court, still in the 700 block.

Then it cuts to westbound on 6th Street between Collins Court and Washington Street. We see the Paris Theater in the background.

He turns northbound on Washington Avenue.

C+T head southbound on Washington Avenue after Ramone toward 5th Street. Only they are on the northbound side of the road. This stretch of Washington Avenue was used in the movie, Nude On The Moon.

They turn westbound on 5th Street. A stretch made famous in Out Where The Buses Don’t Run.

They head for the causeway. Seen turning from southbound on Alton Road to westbound on 5th Streeet/MacArthur Causeway.

Onto the causeway.

Then across Watson Island toward the mainland, Miami.

They exit via exit 2, NE 13th Street. The Sears tower can be seen in the background partially blocked by trees. We first see the tower in the Pilot.

We briefly see the Miami Herald location where the drug deal went bad in Season one’s Cool Runnin’.

Left, southbound onto N. Bayshore Dr. We also see the sears tower in Florence Italy, One Way Ticket, Smuggler’s Blues (fly over), One Eyed Jack and the Pilot, Brother’s Keeper.

Under the MacArthur Causeway.

Then onto the Miami Grand Prix circuit. We see them coming out of turn 9. The new bridge is higher and blocks some of the background. Burn Notice has since used this location in Friends and Family and Guilty As Charged.

Then in the opposite,wrong direction around the track in the area opposite NE 10th Street.

Then reversing direction again and going the correct way around the course. Opposite NE 11th Street. We get to see a better view of the Sears in the background that we saw in the famous night drive of the Pilot.

Thru the next turn toward the water.

C+T get cut off and trapped by one of the pedestrian overpasses.

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

As seen in the movie, Nude On The Moon.

P2 Freefall

Walking down from the second floor to ground floor.

Then they walk into the room at the base of the stairs opposite the grand room.