After receiving a strong invitation we see the standard season 5 opening montage.

After the opening montage we see our heroes led into a meeting. This was filmed on location at the Olympia Theater, 174 East Flagler Street, Miami. They are lead onto the historic stage from the east side.

Then we see Stan making a call to his bookie. This is re-used footage from Too Much, Too Late brought about by the way the episodes were originally aired. This was filmed on location at the Mayfair Shops. Stan is parked on Florida Avenue at the intersection with Rice Street in Coconut Grove.

Next, we see an exterior establishing shot of Raoul’s in Los Angeles. 19850 Santa Monica Blvd. We have seen this used previously in Trust Fund Pirates, Walk Alone, Rock and A Hard Place, Borrasca, and Too Much Too Late.

Then we go inside. The intior of the bar was filmed on location in Club Deuce, 222 14th Street, Miami Beach. We have seen this location used previously in Rock And A Hard Place.

Then we see footage of a sea plane so unique and distinctive that it stands out as clearly being from Trust Fund Pirates.

Then we see stock footage of somewhere that is clearly not Florida.

Then more footage from Trust Fund Pirates.

Then we see C+T going through Customs. Why, having secretively arrived on a seaplane would they then report in to customs is beyond me but there they were. Filming location unknown.

Next we see a cargo plane at a remote air strip. This was filmed on location at Opa-locka West in the NW corner of the county. They are at the south end of the north-south runway (36). We have seen this location used previously in Back In The World, Smuggler’s Blues, Stone’s War, Baby Blues, The Afternoon Plane, A Bullet For Crockett, and Hostile Takeover.

Then we see an unknown tropical road that is clearly not Florida.

Then we switch to the interior of the car where we see them driving along the runway at Opa-locka West.

Then we see them driving eastbound on Espanola Way, Miami Beach by the Clay Hotel. We see the famous neon shoe.

Throughout the series we have seen Espanola Way used numerous times. In Give A Little Take A Little, Miracle Man, The Good Collar, Everybody’s In Showbiz, and Borrasca. The movie, Smokey And The Bandit 3 had a significant scene on Espanola Avenue as well as Porky’s. Burn Notice has since used it in Brotherly Love and Depth Perception.

There is a mob at the intersection of Washington Avenue.

The driver walks into what in real life is the main entrance of the Clay Hotel. Previously, when I visited there, they still have framed pictures of the filming that took place there proudly displayed on the wall where the driver walks in. Sadly on my most recent visit (July, 2017) they had been taken down with no evidence of the locations Miami Vice history on display. We have seen the Clay Hotel used in Brother’s Keeper, Cool Runnin’, Hit List, Give A Little Take A Little, Everybody’s In Showbiz and Borrasca.

Crockett sees the driver running off, westbound on Espanola Way.

They bail.

Some behind the scenes pictures:

And from inside the Clay Hotel:

As they run, a car stops in front of 428 Espanola Way and picks them up.

We then see more stock footage of unrest from an unknown location.

Then we go back to the General’s where he elects a new Finance Minister. Filmed on location at the Deering Estate on the second floor of the Stone House.

Then we see the rescuers base camp. Filmed on the grounds of Matheson Hammock County Park but I have not nailed down the exact location yet. I believe it was south of the Palm tree lined drive we saw used earlier and east of the main north south road thru the park.

Then we see Tubbs take a jeep ride with Felicia. Likely filmed at the Matheson Hammock County Park but not confirmed.

Then we see stock footage from an unknown location.

Next we see Crockett walk into the Clay Hotel where they had just come under attack. He walks into the same door that the driver had entered.

Then we see him turn and walk into the room where in the Pilot that started it all, he sat and met with Trini to get to Calderone. Long ago this interior was remodeled so re-creating all the images is not possible.

Here he meets the General’s daughter and his Captain.

As seen in Brother’s Keeper.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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The Chief strolls in, also from the east side but not the same doorway that Crockett and Tubbs were brought in. They came in the door toward the front of the stage while the Chief walks in the door at the rear corner.