Miami Vice
    Episode 104
The Lost Madonna


Original air date: 03/17/1989

Filmed 01/26/1989 through 02/03/1989.

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The teaser opens the episode with Stan, Crockett and Tubbs on a stake out watching a potential drug shipment coming in to port. This was filmed on location at what at the time was the rear of Merrill Stevens Bayshore. 2640 Bayshore Drive in Coconut Grove. This is currently the rear of The Fresh Market.

Next we see the standard season 5 opening montage.

Act 1 opens inside the OCB where we meet Jeffrey Whitehead. Filmed on set inside Stage A at Greenwich Studios, Miami.

Next we cut to Sal and Joey talking by a pool. This was filmed on location at the Omni Colonnade Hotel, 180 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables.

Then we cut back to the OCB, filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Next we see a nice long distance, exterior establishing shot of the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. Interestingly, this was filmed from the Omni Colonnade Hotel.

Then we see the father and son meeting where we see Joey lie to his dad about the paintings. This was filmed on location at the Colonnade Hotel on the same level as the pool meeting we just saw but at the opposite (west) end of the divided deck.

Then we go inside where Tubbs goes into action. Filmed on location, also at the Colonnade Hotel.

Then we go inside a room where Tubbs sets things up with Julia. This was also filmed at the Colonnade. In the second floor room at the NW corner of the building overlooking the intersection of Ponce De Leon Blvd. and Aragon Avenue.

Then we see Tubbs arrive for the meet. We see him pull up to the Colonnade Hotel. He arrives eastbound on Aragon Avenue at the NW corner of the hotel.

Then we see the deal go down. Filmed inside the Colonnade Hotel. Likely inside the same room we saw used earlier.

Then we see them exit the same way they went in.

Then we go to the auction. Filmed on location in the rotunda at the Colonnade Hotel.

The auction leads us to an art party. Filmed on location at the Hughes Medical Foundation Estate. 3645 Main Highway, Coconut Grove. This property (the eastern half) has been subdivided since vice filmed here. The area where they filmed for the party remains unchanged but much of the background that is seen has changed dramatically. This property is now the Duchesne Campus of the Carrollton School.

The beautiful large tree seen in the background here, still remains in place on the grounds.

Then we cut back to the interior of the OCB where the media blackout is lifted. Filmed on set inside Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Tubbs receive company at his pad. Filmed on location at 3593 Anchorage Way, Coconut Grove.

Then we return to the OCB interior. Filmed on set.

Then we see the Greek back out of the deal. Filmed on location at 3645 Main Highway, Coconut Grove where they filmed the art party.

Then we cut back to the interior of the OCB. Filmed on studio set.

Next we see Joey talking on his car phone riding along talking to Tubbs. Tubbs was filmed on the OCB set inside Greenwich Studios. Joey is on the grounds of 3645 Main Highway. At the east end by the bay. At a couple points out their rear window we see in the background the building that we saw used in Fruit Of The Poison Tree (ep. 99) where it was Enriquez’ boat house. Since 3645 Main Highway was sub-divided, this location now has the address 3307 Devon Court.

As seen in Fruit of The Poison Tree.

Then we go to Julia’s. Filmed on location in a commercial structure that was not finished at the time of filming but the location is unknown.

Then we cut to Stan working the gate at Tubb’s pad. This may look familiar as we saw this gate in Jack Of All Trades where they used a neighbor’s house for filming in that episode.

As seen in Jack Of All Trades.

Then we see them inside. Filmed on location at 3593 Anchorage Way.

After the deal goes south. We see the crew head after Whitehead assuming he is headed for the port to catch a ship. Filmed on location at the Port Of Miami, At what at the time was reportedly called Pier 12. The current designation is CT-J (Cruise Terminal J).

Then we see Crockett go to Julia’s pad where the episode concludes. Filming location unknown.



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The railings on the outside of the windows are unchanged.


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