Original air date: 04/28/1989

Filming for this episode took place from 02/06/1989 through 02/14/1989.

Production code: 63918

Production order: 106

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The teaser opens with C+T on a stake out. This was filmed on location in Coconut Grove. Centered around 3346 William Avenue. This residence is on the south side of the street and C+T were parked adjacent to the east on the north side of William Avenue. They were facing west.

The house was torn down in the mid to late 90’s and has been replaced with a new cottage but the stone entranceway remains unchanged.

Then we see a view down the street of an approaching ice cream truck. This too was filmed on location in the same area. The camera is looking eastbound down William Avenue with a strong zoom. The truck is seen going from southbound on William Avenue to westbound on William Avenue where the Avenue so curves behind the the Coconut Grove Playhouse. A location that has since been used in Burn Notice, episode 86, Shock Wave.

Then we see C+T make a move on 3346 William Avenue. As they exit the car, we see 3328 William Avenue in the background.

The truck is seen approaching on William Avenue passing Margaret Street.

As the bust goes bad, Tubbs sees the interloper pass by the front of the house, westbound on William Ave.

We see Tubbs chase out into the street after the ice cream truck. Only they are no longer on William Avenue by 3346. They are westbound on Thomas Avenue just west of Elizabeth Street.

The dealers take off eastbound on William Ave.


We cut back to Tubbs chasing down the interloper on Thomas Ave. Though the street dead ends, he keeps going and turns northbound in the vacant lot toward Grand Ave. He lightens his load in the lot and swings back around and escapes onto Hibiscus Street and then immediately turns westbound on Thomas Ave.

The teaser ends here and then we see the standard season 5 opening montage.

Act 1 opens with a nice exterior establishing shot of Turnberry Isle Condo that we saw used in Golden Triangle, Junk Love, Down For The Count Part 2, Cows Of October, Miami Squeeze, and Phil The Shill. Located at 19707 Turnberry Way, Aventura, FL. This exact footage comes from Golden Triangle right after C+T met with Lt. Castillo on Calle Ocho and leading into our introduction to Candy.

Then we see Castillo having lunch with Captain Highsmith. Highsmith is running for office and is looking for Castillo’s support. When it becomes clear that Castillo is not buying in, the lunch ends quickly. Filmed on location at the Fairmont (Fairwinds) Gardens Restaurant. 1000 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. We have seen this location used in Mirror Image and Jack of all Trades as well as in the movies, All About The Benjamins and The Specialist.

Next, we go inside the OCB. Filmed on set inside Stage A at Greenwich Studios.

Then we cut to Izzy being Izzy, poolside. This was filmed on location at the Raleigh Hotel. 1777 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. We have seen this location used in the Movie Fair Game where William Baldwin and Cindy Crawford hid out here. We have since seen it in the Burn Notice Episode Enemies Closer (#41).

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of Hamilton on the Bay. Located at 555 NE 34th Street, Miami. We saw this location used previously in episode 42, Free Verse.

Then we go inside. Filmed on location at the China Club, 1450 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. This location has been used in numerous Miami Vice episodes: Made For Each Other, Little Miss Dangerous, Walk Alone, Streetwise, Red Tape, The rising Sun of Death, Rock and a Hard Place, and A Bullet For Crockett. I first saw it used in the movie, A Hole In The Head.

They are intercepted and escorted into awaiting cars that are parked on the north side of the China Club at Haddon Hall, 1500 Collins Avenue.

We then see C+T leaving the club. The camera is set up on the west side of Collins Avenue, just north of 1450 Collins Avenue filming southward toward Espanola Way. C+T round the corner as if they just exited the China Club. They walk northbound with what is now Grillfish seen in the background.

Then we see C+T at a secretive interview. This looks as though it could have been filmed on set inside Greenwich Studios but according to miamiviceonline.com, this was filmed inside Gibson Hall Christ Episcopal Church. 3481 Hibiscus Street, Coconut Grove. We previously saw this location used in episode 74, God’s Work.

Next we see Hawkins meet with Victor Escalante for some beach golf and arms talk. This was filmed on location on Miami Beach at 18th Street.

Then we see C+T arrive at a meet. This was filmed on 21st Street just west of Park Avenue. We see a nice view of the Governor Hotel (435 21st St.) in the background.

Next we see them riding along a canal. This was filmed at a now famous Burn Notice area. We see them riding southbound along the Little River Canal between the canal and railroad tracks located just east of NE 4th Avenue between NE 79th Street and NE 82nd Street in Miami.  

They stop with 7958 NE 4th Avenue in the background.

We see them watch from the limo as a go fast boat pulls up in the Little River Canal to the rear of a warehouse. Filmed on location at 471 NE 79th Street, Miami. This is part of the Ted Vernon Specialty Autos complex that we have now seen used in Burn Notice episodes; 38 A Dark Road and 59 Brotherly Love.

As seen in Burn Notice

episode 38 A Dark Road

As seen in Burn Notice

Episode 59, Brotherly Love.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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As seen in Burn Notice episode 41, Enemies Closer.


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Over The Line

The end of the street where the camera was positioned is too over grown to make an exact re-creation photo.

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