Original air date: 02/03/1989

Filming dates: 12/06/1988 thru 12/14/1988.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The episode starts off with re-used footage from episode 91, Hostile Takeover. A metro-rail train headed northbound thru the Brickell area and across the Miami River.

The episode starts with a nighttime shot of the elevated metro-rail line, viewing south from the south end of the Government Center rail platform. Filmed there on location. The episodes Heart of Darkness and Glades both used this location as a platform to film the exterior of the courthouse.

We see Tubbs and Trudy on the Platform. Filmed on location at the Government Center rail station.

Then we cut to Crockett in his car, apparently nearby. Not enough is seen to confirm his location.

Then we cut to a view from NW 1st Street just west of the Metro-rail line looking up to the east at the Dade County Courthouse. Then a train passes and we see the Barnett bank reflected in some of the windows. The Barnett Bank is now Bank of America located in the Museum Tower building at 150 West Flagler Street.

Then we see Stan on the same platform at Government Center.

Then we see a train approaching from the south and reaching Government Center.

Then Tubbs, followed by Crockett, followed by the train, all at the Government Center Metro-rail station.

We see a car pulling into the south side of the station. Filmed on location at Government Center.

Next we see more re-used footage of the traveling metro-rail train headed north above the Miami River from episode 90, Hostile Takeover.

Then we see Gina arrive with Enriquez under the south end of the  Government Center Metro-rail Station just off of NW 1st Street.

Then we see a shot as the train arrives at the station. This was filmed from the south end of the station and appears to be filming south to match the prior shots but it is not. It is shot viewing North East with the Freedom Tower and C Clyde Atkins U.S. Courthouse seen in the background. The film is reversed to give the matching look to the south.

As it appears on screen

How it looks in real life.

The train stops at Government Center and the action starts.

Crockett gets side tracked with an armed robbery. This was filmed on the north side of NW 1st Street on the west side of the rail line.

Trudy and Stan come down the south, exterior escalators.

Enriquez attempts to leave exiting out to NW 1st Street. He gets stuck in a fake construction zone just before reaching NW 1st Street. The Miami Art Museum is seen in the background at points.

Then we see the standard season 5 opening montage.

Act 1 open inside a courtroom. This was filmed on location at the North Dade Justice Center. 15555 Biscayne Blvd. Miami.

We see them exiting the courthouse coming down from the second floor to the ground floor where they are near the exit that we saw used in episode 96, Line Of Fire.

Then we cut to the interior of the OCB. Filmed on set inside Stage A at Greenwich Studios.

Then we go inside the Men’s room at the Florida Club. This has every indication of being a set inside the studio but I have not confirmed that yet.

Next we see an exterior establishing shot of Enriquez’s house. This is re-used footage from Lend Me An Ear. It was filmed on location at 1727 W 27th St, Sunset Island 2, Miami Beach. We have also seen this location used in Evan, Little Miss Dangerous, and Honor Among Thieves.

Then we cut to the interior of the house. Filming location unknown.

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of the exterior of a building. This was likely stock footage of a Los Angeles, CA. location. Filming location unknown.

Then we go inside the residence. Filming location unknown.

Then we go to an airfield. I am 99% sure that this was filmed at Opa-locka Airport but I have not yet confirmed this 100% yet.

Then to a house party. Filming location unknown.

Then we return to the airport. Filming location unknown. Likely Opa-locka.

Intercut we see Lt. Castillo inside his office at the OCB. Filmed on set inside Stage A of Greenwich Studios.

The squad moves in on the limo. Filmed on location in the parking garage of the Greenberg Traurig Building. 1221 Brickell Ave, Miami.

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