Original air date: 06/21/1989

Production order: 108

Filming for this episode took place from 02/16/1989 thru 02/27/1989.

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The episode opens with C+T waiting on a meet. This deal goes south when interrupted by Miracle Man. A strange sort of neighborhood watch, vigilante, super hero without powers. This was filmed on the north end of Brickell Key, and on the North side of 540 Brickell Key Dr.

Then we see the standard season 5 opening montage.

Act one opens inside the OCB. Filmed on set inside Greenwich Studios.

Then we see the Commissioner meet with Stan and Rico. This location is immediately recognizable from its role in episode 96, Line Of Fire. It is a studio set built at Greenwich studios that was originally designed to look like it would be the interior of the North Dade Justice Center, 15555 Biscayne Blvd.

As seen in Line Of Fire

When they exit the building we see the t.v. Crew is filming them and the background reveals they have been magically transported down to the Miami Beach Police Department at 1101 Washington Avenue where they are exiting the main doorway. We have seen this location used previously in Knock Knock Who’s There, Everybody’s in Showbiz, Death and The Lady, Bad Timing, and Victims of Circumstance.

Then we cut to the outside and see they are at the SE corner of the building. Tubbs’ Cadi is parked on 11th Street by Washington Ave and the van is parked opposite on the north side of 11th St.

Next we see Tubbs and Switek arrive on scene of a homicide. It is the dealer that Tubbs and Crockett had met at the start of the episode. Miracle man is stirring up trouble. Filmed on location at 1525 Pennsylvania Avenue, Miami Beach.

Then we cut to Perena’s house. Filmed on location at 4731 Pinetree Drive, Miami Beach. We have seen this house used in Burn Notice in episodes 57, Eyes Open and 71, Eye For An Eye.

As sen in Eyes Open

As seen in Eye For An Eye

Then we see Rico and Stan meet Aguila at an outdoor bar. This was filmed on location at the Clevelander Hotel, 1020 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. The hotel has since been renovated so the appearance has changed in part. We have seen the Clevelander used previously in The Good Collar, Viking Bikers From Hell, Mirror Image and as a drive by in Brother’s Keeper. The movie, The Specialist also filmed here.

Then we go to Izzy’s place. This was filmed on location at 4066 Malaga Avenue, Miami.

Then we cut back to the Clevelander where Miracle Man again interferes with Rico and Stan’s progress. Filmed on location at the Clevelander, 1020 Ocean Dr. (Deco Drive).

Then we see Tubbs give Miracle Man a talking to in a police interrogation room. Filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Stan and Rico walking down a Police Department hallway by the commissioner’s office. Then they go inside the office for a meeting. Filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we cut back to the Clevelander Hotel. Rico and Stan are parked down the drive watching the action at the Clevelander. They are parked at the intersection of 9th Street on Ocean Drive.

They head north past the Edison giving us a nice time capsule view of the area.

We get a view of the Clevelander reminiscent of the one in Brother’s Keeper and the area seen in Viking Bikers From Hell when there was a limo service here.

As seen in Viking Bikers From Hell.

Rico and Stan are stopped by Aguliar in front of the Clevelander.

It cuts to nighttime and we see Miracle man attack. Filmed on location inside the Clevelander.

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