Miami Vice
   Episode 108
World Of Trouble


Original air date: 06/14/1989

The series finale aired prior to this episode on 05/21/1989. This and the next two episodes aired on Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM. After people had already seen the series finale.

Production code: 63922

Production order: 107

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The episode starts out with Crockett and Tubbs attending a display of new technology available to the police department. Why a couple of undercover Vice cops would be there is beyond logic but they were. We see them arrive at the front of a familiar location. Filmed on location at the Miami Free Zone, 2305 NW 107th Ave. Miami. We saw this location used in episode 12, Milk Run.

Then we see them going up the escalators that were airport escalators in Milk Run.

Pictures I took of the location while there in 2004 checking it out in reference to Milk Run.

As seen in Milk Run

Then we see them arrive in a room located at the rear of the eastern most building of the complex. The complex consist of two large warehouse buildings. They were on the second floor, just north of center, of the second one. Furthest in from the entrance. There are two window bays in this building and they are at the more northern one.

We see trouble arrive in the form of caterers.

The new technology is stolen with lots of lead flying.

Next we see the standard season 5 opening montage.

Act 1 opens still at the Miami Free Zone where they are gathering evidence.

Then we see C+T on the job following up on a lead. This was filmed on location at the Jockey Club Marina. 11111 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami. We have seen this location used previously in Made For Each Other and Prodigal Son.

Then we see C+T watching Al Lombard’s kid, Sal. This was filmed on location in Miami. The building they are watching is 1001 Brickell Bay Dr. We have seen this location used in Yankee Dollar, Trust Fund Pirates and  Stone’s War. Also used in the Burn Notice episodes; No Good Deed, Square One and Shock Wave. As well as seen in the background in the movie True Lies.

C+T are in the garage of 999 Brickell Avenue.

Then we go inside Sal’s office. Likely filmed on studio set at Greenwich Studios but I have not confirmed that yet.

C+T are still in the garage (999 Brickell Ave.)  watching Sal’s office. They see the man himself, Al Lombard exit 1001 Brickell Bay Drive.

C+T tail Al northbound on Brickell Bay Drive toward SE 8th Street.

Stan follows after Sal, southbound on Brickell Bay Drive.

Then we see C+T with Al in a police interrogation room. They have falsely arrested him forgetting to check to see if there were any active warrants. They just kidnapped him on a whim. Filmed on set inside Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Sal and Al at the marina. Filmed on location at the Jockey Club Marina, 11111 Biscayne Blvd.

This leads us to a riverside meet. This was filmed on location along the north bank of the Miami River under the Brickell Avenue Bridge.

At the start of the scene, Al is watching from behind a wall (now long gone) under Brickell Avenue on the east/down stream.

This short scene along the river is a great example of how this show captured a time and place on film now in many ways gone. The low rise buildings seen in the background are long gone and replaced by high-rise buildings.

The bridge has since been upgraded.

Reverse view, new bridge

Al Lombard drove over this same bridge in episode 22, Lombard. Unaware that his son would later die under it.

We also saw this location under the bridge used for a meet in seasons 3’s Streetwise.

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Picture I took of DanJ on location re-creating Vice.

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As Sal goes down, we get a view of Tommy’s Boatyard in the background that we saw used in season 4’s Contempt Of Court.

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Picture courtesy of Matt5 at