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Original air date: 02/17/1989

Filming for this episode took place from 01/05/1989 thru 01/13/1989.

Working titles: True Brit and The Squeeze.

The teaser starts with a view looking north across the bay with the Port Of Miami in the background as we see a go fast speed by headed into Miami. The exact location of this shot is a bit tricky. At points I considered this maybe the west tip of undeveloped Fisher Island we see at the very start of the footage. Then possibly the undeveloped west tip of Brickell Key, but by using triangulation on the identifiable landmarks, they were both ruled out, leaving my first impression as the most likely location. The island or point of land at the mouth of the Miami Boat Basin by the Rusty Pelican on Virginia Key. This is the only land that fits the background but I have never seen a concrete wall protecting the land as we see here.

They head into the mouth of the Miami River where we saw Crockett and Stone under mortar attack in Back In The World. At one point we see the building from which Mr. Hmung launched the mortar attack.

We see the boat headed up river under the Miami Avenue bridge with the Bank of America Tower seen in the background.

Then past Stephen P Clark Center and Museum Tower.

Then we see them pull into a run down boatyard. This was filmed on location at Nuta’s Boatyard. 1884 NW N. River Drive, Miami. We saw Nuta’s used previously in Red Tape, Cows of October and Badge of Dishonor.

Due to some really bad police work two of the smugglers get away and one other is shot.

The duo carjack a truck in front of Nuta’s on NW N River Dr. The window the camera filmed through has since been bricked over.

We see them drive westbound on NW N River Drive past Curtis Park and the boat ramp we saw used in Red Tape, and The Savage.

Then we see the standard season 5 opening montage.

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of a bar/restaurant. This is stock footage from New York City. Central Falls, 478 West Broadway NY, NY.

Then we go inside. Filming location unknown.

Then we see Crockett inside the OCB. Filmed on set at Greenwich Studios. He talks on the phone to the doctor. Her location is unknown but likely also a set.

Then we see Ross pay Morales a visit. Filmed on location at the now famous Jimbo’s on Virginia Key.

Then we see Castillo pay a visit to Woods on a boat. Filming location unknown But likely filmed at 485 W Matheson Dr., Key Biscayne.

Then we cut to Crockett meeting with his young undercover. This was filmed on the Venetian Causeway (west end) with Crockett arriving from the mainland headed eastbound.

Then we see DeMaria talk with Lewis via the telephone. DeMaria appears to be at a theater, location unknown. Lewis was filmed at Greenwich Studios with a phone stuck to an exterior wall without even any wires coming from it.

Then we see Joey make contact with DeMaria. This was filmed on location at what appears to be the same unknown theater where we see DeMaria staying. Location unknown.

Then we see Ross pay DeMaria a visit and recover half the load. This was filmed in what appears to be the projection room of a theater. Likely same unknown theater they used in other scenes. Filming locations unknown.

Then we see Tubbs and Joey arrive on the scene. Location unknown.

Then we see Crockett in the doctors office. Filming location unknown but likely a studio set.

Then we see Lewis get picked up. This was filmed on location on Collins Ct., at the north end just off of of Espanola Way. Lewis is seen walking south away from Espanola Way. Tracing the footsteps of Royco as we see him run through here in Little Prince which was the first time we saw this location used. Also famously used in Little Miss Dangerous.

Then we go to a indoor shooting range. Filming location unknown.

As they drive away we clearly see the exterior stairs where Tubbs tackled Royco in Little Prince and Cat looked for Jackie in Little Miss Dangerous.

Then mom takes off. We get another look at a popular Miami Vice filming location. Filmed on location at 485 W Matheson Drive, Key Biscayne, FL. We have seen this location used in: Calderone’s Demise, The Great McCarthy, Golden Triangle 2, and Yankee Dollar. The Heli-pad has been used in Golden Triangle 2 and Back In The World. This location has also been used in the movies Scarface and the Specialist.

Then we cut back to Crockett in his session with the doctor. Filming location unknown.

As seen in:

Then we see Castillo meet with Congresswoman Woods. This was filmed on location where we just saw her take off. The boat tied up to the floating heli-pad (originally built for Richard Nixon) at 485 W Matheson Drive, Key Biscayne. At points behind Castillo the  breakwater of the Key Biscayne Yacht Club can be seen in the background.


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