Original air date: 01/20/1989

Filming for this episode was conducted 11/23/1988 thru 12/05/1988

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The episode starts with a view of Downtown Miami from the MacArthur Causeway as a tractor trailer rig travels eastbound from the mainland toward Watson Island. At points the Miami Herald Building is seen in the background.

We see 1000 Venetian Causeway in the background as they proceed east up the bridge. A landmark seen and used in numerous Vice episodes.

Then it jumps to the east end of the MacArthur Causeway with Belle Isle seen in the background.

Then back to the west end of the MacArthur Causeway, still headed east onto Watson Island.

On Watson Island.

The route identical to what we saw in Smokey and The Bandit 2.

Then we cut to Stan calling in to his bookie. This was filmed on location at the Orange Bowl, Little Havana. Which we also saw used in Smokey and The Bandit 2.

Then we cut back to the truck arriving eastbound onto Watson Island.

Then back to Stan at the Orange Bowl. Based on the position of the sun this was filmed early in the morning as they are sitting in the NW corner of the stadium. We have seen the Orange Bowl used in the movies; Ace Ventura-Pet Detective, Any Given Sunday, Smokey and The Bandit 2 as well as in the Miami Vice episode Indian Wars.

Then we cut back to the truck eastbound on Watson Island passing the St. Vitus Dance.

Then we see Gina and Trudy reporting in. Not much of the background is seen so confirmation of the location can’t be made.

Then we see a unit pull in behind the truck on Watson Island. This is the same location we saw used during the chase scene in Give A Little, Take A Little.

As seen in Give A Little, Take A Little.

They continue over the MacArthur Causeway headed toward Miami Beach. We get a nice and unique view of the old MacArthur Causeway.

Next we see the truck on Ocean Drive passing Leon’s apartment at the Amsterdam Apartments. More recently known as Versace’s Mansion, Casa Casuarina.1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. The truck is headed northbound.

Past the Flambeau Apartments. Now part of the Victor Hotel.

Past the Victor Hotel. 1144 Ocean Dr.

They pass 12th Street on Ocean Drive before it cuts.

We cut to the interior of the truck’s trailer. This could have been filmed anywhere and likely at the studio.

Cut back to the driver as he passes northbound on Ocean Drive past the Edison Hotel, 10th Street, The Clevelander up to the corner of 1024 Ocean Drive.

Then we cut to C+T in the Testarossa.  Location unknown.

We then cut back to the Orange Bowl.

Then we see Gina and Trudy still at check point 4. Location unknown.

Then an unmarked car following the truck. Looks like the MacArthur Causeway but I have not confirmed this 100%.

Then we see a view looking up at a trailing helicopter. Filmed over Lummus Park from Ocean Drive. The tops of the swing sets can be seen at the lower edge of the screen.

Then we cut to the helicopters view, and we see the truck eastbound on 5th Street, the natural continuation of the MacArthur Causeway. They are crossing Washington Avenue where C+T are waiting facing north on the south side of the intersection. The building next to C+T (SE corner) is the only one of the 4 buildings seen at the intersection that still remains.

We cut to the cab of the truck as it passes the Revere, Ocean Dr. @ 11th St.

Then back to the interior, filmed anywhere.

Then back to the Orange Bowl. Filmed there on location.

Then we see the truck and trailing vehicles eastbound on 13th St. The Post Office which played so prominently in El Viejo is seen in the background, screen right. They turn left, north on Ocean Dr.

Can’t recall paying much notice to this building until a saw the unique and cool large letters of it’s name, Habana, in the background of this scene.

Then a brief cut at the Orange Bowl.

Then the interior of the trailer. Filming location unknown.

Then we see the truck northbound on Ocean Drive past 13th Street where we had just seen it turn from 13th Street onto Ocean Dr. We see the corner where the series started. “5,000 street corners in greater Miami, and Gumby here has gotta pick ours.”

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