Original air date: 01/13/1989

Filming for this episode took place 11/14/1988 thru 11/22/1988.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The episode starts out at night with activity centered around a club. This was filmed on location at the Park Central Hotel. 640 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. We have seen this hotel used previously in: The Savage, Death and The Lady, and Hostile Takeover.

Then we see Trudy working the street in front of the Casablanca Bar. 650 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.

Trudy is pulled into the alley that runs between the Casablanca Bar & Restaurant and the Majestic Hotel (660 Ocean Dr.). C+T are parked facing north on Ocean Dr. Opposite the alley.

After assisting Trudy, they follow a lead thru the back of the same alley and turn north on Ocean Court. They are lead into the back stairway of the Majestic Hotel where they discover a victim.

Then we see the standard season 5 opening montage.

Act 1 opens inside the OCB. This was filmed on set inside Stage A at Greenwich Studios.

Next we see Crockett walking out of the Justice Department. This was filmed on location at the Miami Beach City Hall, 1130 Washington Avenue. Crockett exits the rear of the building.

Then we see stock footage for an exterior establishing shot. We saw this location previously in Free Verse. Location unknown but likely a California location based on the style of the building and the car having a California license plate.

As seen in Free Verse.

Then we go inside, filming location unknown.

Then we cut to the interior of Metro. Filming location unknown.

Then we see Tubbs and Switek working the beach going after Lester. This was filmed on location in Lummus park at the 14th Street bath house. Miami Beach, Ocean Drive and 14th Street.

Next we see Trudy track down Sandy. This was also filmed on Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. Trudy walks out of the Ocean Plaza Hotel at 1430 Ocean Dr. Sandy is working out front and then walks in front of the Betsy Hotel, 1440 Ocean Dr.

Then we see C+T pay Tegoro a visit. This was filmed on the second floor, north east corner, of the Park Central Hotel. 640 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach.

Then we see Sandy in a hotel room. Filming location unknown.

Next we see her on the 6th floor of a hotel. This has every appearance of being a South Beach Hotel but not enough is seen to identify the location. Filming location unknown. Most hotels on the beach are less than six floors. The Park Central does have a sixth floor but I will have to do further research to see if I can confirm this as the location.

Then we see her dead on a roof top. This was filmed on location on the roof of the Park Central Hotel.

Then we see Tubbs and Dyson in Sandy’s room. This was filmed on location in the Park Central Hotel. This room is not the same room where we saw her making the phone call.

Then we go to the escort service. Filming location unknown.

Then it is back to Sandy’s room. Filmed on location in the Park Central Hotel.

Then we return to the interior of the OCB. Filmed on studio set.

Then we see Gina working the escort phones. Location unknown but likely at the studio.

Then we see Tubbs drop Trudy off at the Bayview Hotel. Filming location unknown.

Intercut we see Stan watching the action outside the Razors Edge. This was filmed at the Park Central Hotel.

Inside the Park Central, Dyson finds justice.

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Park Central


Death and The Lady


Hostile Take over

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